Social Innovation

What is Social Innovation?

Social Innovation is an idea, process or mechanism that improves the social, environmental or economic conditions of a community, group or society at large. It encourages healthier and more productive citizens. It reduces costs for both government and business operations. At the end of the day, it enriches the quality of our lives.

How does Social Innovation help businesses and societies?​

Social Innovation harnesses the skills, talents and resources of groups and individuals to create social value and make positive change happen. It can be applied across different sectors, from education to health, ​ public administration and citizen well-being. Some examples include:​


  • Using technology to increase access to learning opportunities for people who would not otherwise have it​
  • Setting up communities of inquiry and communities of practice to collectively tackle a challenge, increase awareness and promote social change​
  • Creating products or services that solve social and environmental issues (e.g., mobile apps to help people manage health conditions such as diabetes or mental illnesses, creating platforms that promote environmental and carbon footprint awareness etc.)

Social Innovation has three main outcomes:​

  • It makes social issues visible, so they can be addressed by business and society. ​
  • It is based on the belief that each individual has an important role to play in the creation of a better society. ​
  • It encourages businesses to take action to address social problems, rather than wait for the government or other entities to do it for them.


Why is Social Innovation important for your company?

Social Innovation is a way of thinking about how our business can serve society and contribute to solving social challenges. It is not just about giving back, or meeting your ESG requirements. It’s about using our business acumen to create sustainable solutions that go beyond philanthropy — and there are ripple effects to doing so:

  • Increased competitiveness. Social Innovation can help the company become more competitive by providing new products and services that will attract customers or clients who want to support socially responsible businesses. It also gives companies an advantage over competitors who are not involved in socially responsible activities or who do not treat their employees well.​
  • Building stronger brands. Social Innovation helps companies build their brands by demonstrating that they care about more than just making money; they also care about making their communities better places to live and work. This can lead to greater customer loyalty and higher profits for your company in the long term.​
  • Growing sustainable businesses. Businesses that consumers want to support, and employees want to work for. Organizations that are mindful about their impact and footprint. ​ ​


How can Human Centered help?​

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