Learning Experience Design

What is Learning Experience Design?​

Learning Experience Design (LXD) is a solution that results in meaningful and memorable experiences that improve people’s understanding and ability to learn. It maximizes engagement by creating an emotional connection between the learner, the content and the experience. This can be achieved by crafting immersive, interactive environments where people feel like they are participating in a real-world scenario.

How does Learning Experience Design deliver value?​

Learning Experience Design has certain distinctive features which make it the go-to solution for upskilling purposes in the future of work:​

  • A design-led approach to learning, focused on the learner. It uses the same principles as UX design, and applies radical creativity and a product-focused approach to learning experiences.​
  • Not just about digital products or skills. It can be applied to any type of learning environment, including physical ones.​
  • Holistic and iterative. It involves designing every aspect of the learning experience from start to finish, not just one part of it like the delivery or the learning content.​
  • Includes all aspects of a learner’s journey. It covers not just how they interact with it but also how they feel about learning, and what motivates them to keep going with their learning journey and apply newly found knowledge in the long run.


Why is Learning Experience Design important for your company?​

Learning Experience Design has many benefits for both learners and organizations:

  • Improves employee satisfaction, engagement and retention. Happy employees are more productive employees.​
  • Impactful upskilling. Learning leads to changed behavior, the application of newly found knowledge, and the acquisition of new skills.​
  • Growth mindset for resilient careers. Great learning experiences cultivate a continuous appetite for learning and professional growth.
  • Strengthens the employer brand, making it easier to attract and retain great talent. 


How can Human Centered help?​

We place the human at the center of HR strategy, and ensure people efforts remain business-relevant. We work with you to co-create the HR strategy that aligns with your business goals and maturity.

We tailor the approach to your specific needs, and are always willing to provide you with the latest HR solutions towards addressing both your strategic and operational needs, even the most challenging ones. Our experts will assist you with transforming and optimizing the strategic axes of your HR scope of work following a holistic approach to talent management, considering every aspect of the organization, and mostly its people.

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