People Practices

What are People Practices?

People practices are frameworks and solutions that materialize an organization’s HR strategy. Each practice focuses on a particular aspect of the HR strategy (e.g., Performance Management, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Employee Experience). People practices need to be tailored to the context and culture of the organization and remain aligned with the overarching business vision.

What makes a People Practice truly effective?

  • It is aligned with the HR Strategy. A great people practice is put in place for good reason. It effectively supports the strategy and overarching business vision. Vision-Strategy-Practice alignment can make or break employee experience. Getting this aspect right is super important.
  • It is tailored. Fit-For-Purpose people practices are never generic. They are tailored to the culture and business context of the organization. They take into account the needs, wants and goals of the workforce. They are part of the culture and speak to “the way things are done around here”.
  • It is measurable. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Any people practice should come along with its respective key performance indicators. These key performance indicators need to build up to the HR strategy’s objectives. For example, if one of your HR Strategy goals is around improving employee retention rates, then your Employee Experience Practice should ensure that the team, tools and processes in place are aligned with capturing the metric.
  • Holistic and Pragmatic. An effective people practice takes a holistic approach to human capital management, acknowledging interrelations with both internal and external environments. Understanding how one People Practice impacts another and take a data-driven approach to tactical decision making is an art in itself.


Why are People Practices important for your company?

A well-designed People Practice is integral to business success. Organizations who are deliberate about the design and strategic significance of people practices are able to:

  • Meet their strategic objectives both in HR and the Business
  • Retain and engage their top talent
  • Enhance productivity and work outcomes
  • Attract superior talent
  • Monitor the outcomes of their efforts and investments
  • Shape the culture of the organization


How can Human Centered help?​

We place the human at the center of People Practices and ensure HR efforts remain business-relevant. We work with you to co-create the People Practices that align with your business goals, HR Strategy, culture and maturity. 

We tailor the approach to your specific needs, and are always willing to provide you with the latest solutions towards addressing both your strategic and operational needs, even the most challenging ones. Our experts will assist you with transforming and optimizing the strategic axes of your People Practices agenda, following a holistic approach that considers every aspect of the organization, and mostly its people.

Solution-driven approach for Peak Performance in People and Organizations.

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