HR Strategy

What is an HR strategy?

HR Strategy is a roadmap for solving an organization’s biggest challenges through people-centric solutions. The main purpose of HR Strategy is to build a shared understanding of how the HR function will help the organization meet its business goals. This approach elevates the importance of the organization’s recruitment, retention, talent management, and organizational design efforts.

What makes an HR Strategy truly effective?

  • It has a clear vision.​ A strong HR Strategy starts with a clear vision of what we want the future of the organization to look like. What does success look like? What does it mean to be an employee of the company? How do we want people to feel about their work experience? Why do we want our people to show up at work?​
  • It stays aligned with business goals. The HR Strategy should be based on the company’s overall vision and mission. Aligned with all other business-level strategies at hand (such as marketing, finance, or customer service), it has a clear and undisputed impact on the bottom line. And it should adapt as often as needed to follow the changing market needs.​
  • It is measurable. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Any goal within the HR strategy should come along with its respective key performance indicators. For example, if one of our goals is around improving employee retention rates, then we should track how many employees leave each month or year and what factors contributed to their decision to leave. ​
  • Holistic and Pragmatic.​ An effective HR Strategy takes a holistic approach to human capital management. It sees the organization as a whole and can zoom in on both the internal and external environments. Striking a fine balance between short and long term is an art in itself.​ ​


Why is HR Strategy important for your company?

A well-designed HR Strategy is integral to business success. Creating a workplace culture fitting to the company’s purpose is your best bet towards achieving business goals.​ Organizations who acknowledge the strategic significance of HR practices are able to:

  • Innovate more, and are able to offer better products and services to their clients
  • Retain and engage their top talent
  • Enhance productivity and work outcomes
  • Attract superior talent
  • Enact better policies that are meaningful, impactful and sustainable
  • Effectively address the impact of business disruptions


How can Human Centered help?​

We place the human at the center of HR strategy, and ensure people efforts remain business-relevant. We work with you to co-create the HR strategy that aligns with your business goals and maturity.

We tailor the approach to your specific needs, and are always willing to provide you with the latest HR solutions towards addressing both your strategic and operational needs, even the most challenging ones. Our experts will assist you with transforming and optimizing the strategic axes of your HR scope of work following a holistic approach to talent management, considering every aspect of the organization, and mostly its people.

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